Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive place where Cascadia’s students have a wonderful elementary school experience and work to acquire life-skills and knowledge to have good lives, now and in the future.

Cascadia’s key qualities and resources are described in this website. These are applied on a daily basis to address our mission. Each day builds a foundation for the following days and the subsequent school years at Cascadia. Our graduates, completing grade four, build a foundation for their next schools –-- and for their lives! Our results are also described in this website.

The best way to see how all of Cascadia’s qualities fit together in practice is to visit Cascadia while classes are in session. Please contact us to arrange a visit!

Cascadia is a term from the geological sciences. It is the name given to a hypothetical island off the west coast of North America. The island was to have collected material that rose, by internal forces, to become the west coast mountains. “Cascadia” is an appropriate name for our school. The school is a special setting where resources are collected – in this case to provide a unique place for the education of children. The resources work with the children’s natural, internal forces – to help our students grow, learn, and take their places in the world!