• Kindergarten: creative writing (with concentration)

  • Grades 3 and 4: group work session (using computers)

  • Grade 3: practice with comprehension

  • Grade 4: applying what you know

Cascadia addresses thinking abilities (problem solving and the ability to use one’s mind in open, creative ways).

Cascadia provides specific lessons that focus on thinking skills. Starting in first grade, we include lessons in creative writing, inferential comprehension work, arithmetic applications in solving problems, the analysis of science experiments, and the analysis of social studies lessons. Students in our upper classroom work on unique lessons, creative in their own right, such as “Writers’ Workshop,” “Peak Math,” and “Open Ended Research Projects.” Please ask to have these lessons described during a visit to Cascadia.

The specific lessons are important but teaching students to think involves much more than such lessons. Learning to think, practice in thinking, and expression of thinking needs an entire “classroom climate” that allows, encourages, values, and brings out creative thinking. Cascadia provides the environment for teaching and learning creative thinking:

  • First, learning with understanding is an important foundation for creative thinking. Understanding subjects, rather than just memorizing facts in a subject area, allows broader use and interconnection of the subjects by the students. The understandings allow new applications.
  •  Second, creative thinking is fostered at Cascadia because of the open and secure social environment that is provided. Students learn to make contributions, listen to the contributions of other students, and discuss the topics in a constructive, non-threatening way.
  • Third, at a more concrete level, students are intentionally provided with choices, when appropriate, within specific lessons. Cascadia presents and nurtures the idea of choice and the thinking involved in choice.
“What distinguishes the school in my opinion is its focus on developing the whole child – academically and socially. It has the right emphasis on cursive writing. The lovely playground is one of the highlights of the school and my kids insist on staying back to  play after school. They also get an adequate amount of recess time. Also, the school does not have any auctions or fundraisers.’