• Warming up for soccer at Arena Sports facility

  • Soccer lesson at Arena Sports

  • Physical education class at Redmond Community Center

  • Hip-Hop dance lesson at Premiere Dance Center

Physical education classes help the children develop physical coordination, sports skills, and confidence in their movements.

Cascadia works with specialists to provide physical education and skills:

  •  The “Mini Mountain” program, located in Bellevue, provides physical education classes for the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. These students look forward to lessons that focus on a theme for the school year (such as soccer or basketball skills). Each lesson begins with large-motor activities (walking funny like a crab, squiggling like a snake and others). This is followed by instruction in specific sports skills. The class always ends with a fun, active game that helps build the concept of teamwork.
  •  Arena Sports, located in Redmond, provides soccer lessons for grades one through four. The classes run from September through December. Each grade works with a coach on specific soccer skills. The learning environment emphasizes non-competitive support for each student, supporting each student’s improvement in coordination and sports skills.
  • Creative movement classes are taught at Premiere Dance Center, located in the Overlake area. The classes are once per week from January through March; they focus on “hip hop!” The Center’s instructors are skilled in teaching students in a positive, supportive manner. The students look forward to the challenge of developing a full-scale song/dance routine that is performed at the end of the sessions for the family members and friends. These lessons provide meaningful practice in the learning process. Learning dance as a unified class requires mutual support, focus, listening, following directions, repetition for learning, and attention to detail. Performing is fun and builds confidence. Students celebrate the conclusion of the hip hop performance by inviting their parents to do a few dance steps along with them
The following quote is from Cascadia’s director, Mrs. Franklin:

“At Cascadia, I feel it is important that a good learning program be “rounded” to include different brain, thinking, and movement experiences.  In addition to vocal music, art, and French, various physical experiences are part of our curriculum.  Physical activities and experiences change with the age of our students.  The pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students attend physical education classes:  running, jumping, hopping, learning beginning soccer or basketball skills, at their level.

The first, second, third, and fourth grade students are ready for more structured, high-energy classes.  The students attend non-competitive soccer skills classes at Arena Sports for a portion of the year.

The first and second grade students develop their sense of rhythm and creative movement through Hip Hop Dance classes at Premier Dance Center and “coolly” perform for parents.

The third and fourth grade students combine their sense of rhythm and creative movement when learning and performing choreography in their yearly musical.

Cascadia’s large playground is ideal for all our students.  There are play structures, niches, and spaces for creative play and a grass field for sports play.  A hard surface is utilized for a variety of physical activities from jump roping, to bouncing balls, to tetherball, or to trying to throw the perfect shot to send the basketball through the hoop.”