Cascadia’ generalized school year calendar.

A specific calendar is published for each school year. In general, our school calendars follow this pattern:

First Class Day:       

Classes start in the first week in September, varying occasionally depending on the date of Labor Day.


Veterans’ Day (one day in November).

Thanksgiving Holiday (two days in November).

Winter Break (starts in mid-December and extends until after January 1st).

M.L. King Jr. Day (one day in January).

Mid-Winter Break (one week in February).

Spring Break (one week in April).

Memorial Day (one day in May).

Teacher Days:         

Usually there are seven Teacher Days, spread throughout  the school year, for teachers to work at school without students (Camps are available during most Teacher Days).

Last Class Day:       

Usually the last day of the first full week in June.

Graduation Party: 

On the weekend following the last class day.