Cascadia’s calm, wholesome setting is the base for quality thinking and learning.

Our campus provides space for various activities and provides a calm, comfortable learning environment where learning and thinking can actually occur. Our campus consists of:

  • A two-acre site in a quiet residential area ending with a buffer of natural vegetation and trees provides a calm and pleasant location.
  • There is a playfield, a hard-surface play court, two climbing structures, a tire swing, and informal play areas.
  • The main school building has three classrooms plus a partial second floor used by small study groups. The building has been designed and built to provide an environment conducive to learning. The interiors are bright and clean with tall ceilings and a spacious feeling. The quality of the site allows our classrooms to have abundant windows for natural light. The heating and air conditioning systems provide comfortable interior temperatures throughout the year.
  • A small structure on the campus serves as an additional class space for the pre-kindergarten class and for optional, after school activities (such as dance and chess lessons).
“The physical setting of the school is unique in all the Puget Sound area.  Secluded and secure.  The students have opportunities for outdoor exploration and physical development that is unmatched in other private or public settings.”

“There couldn’t be a more idyllic setting for a school than Cascadia Montessori.  Nestled in a residential area with tall fir trees, yet just a stone’s throw away from the Microsoft main campus, Cascadia provides a safe and nurturing environment with the added plus of convenient drop off and pick up for Microsoft parents.  Each kid receives one-on-one attention that caters to their learning style and their comfort level as they advance through the curriculum.  As an added bonus, Cascadia incorporates science, music, dance (hip-hop!) and a school play through partnerships with prominent organizations.”