• Pre-K: small group working in the studio

  • Cascadia's moderate size allows time for individual attention

  • Grade 3: a comfortable and focused group lesson

  • Grades 1 and 2: reading together

Cascadia’s moderate size facilitates educational consistency and detailed knowledge of each student.

Cascadia has three classrooms and a total of about 75 students. This moderate size facilitates coaching for each student. Our staff gets to know all of the Cascadia students. As each student moves through the grades, the student’s “new” teachers already have a good idea of the student’s strengths and where particular guidance is needed. If particular skills, including thinking skills, need honing, appropriate guidance can be provided right away.

Cascadia’s moderate size also helps provide an environment that is personally and socially comfortable for its students. We actively and immediately discourage any peer pressure that judges an idea by how “cool” it is or that would create a social dynamic where an “in group” attempts to exclude individuals. The children do not feel self-conscious about expressing their ideas and personalities. Our students feel safe, physically and emotionally. This level of comfort is a key quality in allowing individuality and the special talents of each student to emerge. This allows each student to become fully engaged in their learning and to apply themselves to do their best work. A comfortable place allows for “guided individuality” where student creativity is allowed to emerge within lessons and independent work times.

“Our kids study in 2nd and 4th grade.  What we like about Cascadia: 1. Academically focused.  Curriculum is very focused, advanced, and rigorous.  2. Solid foundation: School provides a very strong foundation and teaches the kids to be eager to learn, respectful, focus on thought process.  3. Small class and school size fosters life-long relationships, individualized teaching plans, strong bond between students and teachers.  4. Reading and writing: Strong emphasis placed on reading, writing and penmanship.  5. Community: Students are taught and encouraged from an early age to help the community.  Mrs. Franklin, the Director, knows each child personally.  She guides & interacts with them and is wonderful.  She has dedicated her life in building this school and maintaining the standard and guiding principles.”