Cascadia’s consistent, high-quality and long-term “track record” has become apparent to the area’s private middle and high schools.

Testimonial from the Associate Director of Admissions at Eastside Preparatory School:

Each year, Eastside Prep looks forward to meeting Cascadia Montessori students during the admissions process.  Because of the care and attention of the Cascadia Montessori faculty and administration, the students are confident in who they are as learners and have a passion for learning that is contagious.  Within our classrooms, Cascadia Montessori alumni don’t miss a beat in diving into our academically rigorous program, joining or even spearheading many extracurricular activities, and further developing their strong relationships with their teachers.  Time and time again, we find Cascadia Montessori students are well prepared for the transition to their next educational home.

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Testimonial from Director of the Middle School, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Forest Ridge):

Students from Cascadia Montessori are highly prepared to be successful middle and high school students at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.  Girls from Cascadia arrive at Forest Ridge well-equipped to use their excellent academic and social skills and engage with our school’s mission to education young women to think critically, embrace challenges, model resilience, seek equity and lead globally.  We love having students from Cascadia join our community because they are confident, poised girls with a strong work ethic and a keen understanding of the world around them!

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“One of the things we learned when we were looking at different schools for 5th grade was that Cascadia students have an excellent reputation at the various Middle and High schools in the Seattle region.”

“When (our sons) graduated from Cascadia they adapted quickly and easily to a larger, highly demanding more traditional school.  (They) felt very confident in their ability to – contribute their ideas to the school community.”