Parents of Cascadia students realize what a special place it is.

Over the years, many parents of our current and former students have written about their thoughts and experiences at Cascadia or thoughts that they felt would help other parents understand the nature of Cascadia Montessori School. Excerpts from the letters are shown throughout this website. The entire letters can be sent upon request.

A recent letter, received near the end of a student’s fourth grade year, is reproduced here in full:

“Dear Marilyn,

As you may know, [our daughter] got accepted to Eastside Prep, Forest Ridge and Overlake School and is on a wait list for Lakeside School. We are very happy with this outcome of the long admission process. 

Back in a day [our daughter] qualified for the Cascadia program only after some intensive work with [one of your teachers]. Over the last four years she has received a lot of knowledge, encouragement, structure and phenomenal support from you that let her get where she is today as a student, and as a person. There is only one chance for all of us to go through the childhood years and we are absolutely sure that the time at Cascadia has been the best we could imagine for [our daughter]. We would like you to know how much we appreciate all the time, professional skills and affection you have given her and her friends. We look forward to the next few months in your school, and are planning to recommend it to whomever might ask.”

Another thank you note from a former parent reflects the friendship that our teamwork builds:

“There really are no words to express our heartfelt gratitude for six wonderful years at Cascadia. It is truly a very special place and one that [our daughter] has enjoyed going to each and every morning.

We thank you not only for your academic excellence, which has afforded [her] the opportunity to ‘reach for the stars,’ but also for creating such a loving and nurturing environment in which the children can grow, and which has made Cascadia the amazing place that it is.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will truly miss our Cascadia family and will always look back on your school with much fondness, a school that we know could never be equaled in either its joy, its warmth or its innocence.

We will keep in touch and will definitely pop in from time to time!”


Parents have also posted views on sites such as:

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“Both my kids have been going to Cascadia for 2+ years now and we couldn’t have been more happier that we found this school. The quality of education is top-notch and the teachers are well rounded.  Mrs. Franklin is really amazing with the kids and provides a great learning and nurturing environment for them.  The student/teacher ratio is also excellent and kids get a lot of attention and I can see them grow every day.  After care program is awesome too and kids have a lot of fun in the huge playground.  They offer a variety of classes other than the academia that one can enroll kids in for after care program ranging from art to dances such as Bollywood or African dance or learning chess.  Apart from the academics, students in their school curriculum get a lot of exposure to other skills like music, drama, dance (hip-hop) and these performances by the talented kids are one of my most favorite moments of the school years.  Overall, a great school and we are really happy and thankful.”