• Kindergarten: taking turns learning spelling

  • Grades 3 and 4: studying science in small groups.

  • The work being done by this student reflects pride and confidence

  • Grades 3 and 4: serving lunch to their parents

  • Grades 3 and 4: presentations to parents

  • Helping with classroom chores

  • Fourth grade student helping a third grade student

At Cascadia, our students’ personal growth builds from their increasing self-confidence, social confidence, and academic confidence.

Personal growth is a very important aspect of a child’s education. For new students, our standards of behavior and attention to personal and social growth have created an educational environment that is welcoming and very helpful:

  • Our existing students welcome and support new students.
  • The existing students provide positive role models for the process of  learning. Our students view learning as a positive activity and they realize that they are at school to learn and that learning is important and has value to them.
  • Existing students provide positive role models for making appropriate  decisions about all aspects of being a good student.

As students progress through the grades at Cascadia, incremental personal successes are achieved by the students and these help build self confidence. Social skills are nurtured as well and the students learn how to become leaders as well as team members who are respected by their fellow students.

  • Our students develop awareness that they have choices about the way they interact with their peers. Appropriate guidance is provided to help    them make and understand decisions that foster their social and academic growth.
  •  It is an intentional and key part of our program that each of our rooms contains two grades. Each year, the older students in each room provide positive role models regarding learning and appropriate behavior for the younger students in the rooms. The younger students benefit greatly from this arrangement. The older students in each room become aware of their responsibility toward younger students and more aware of the achievements they have made. As the students move through the grades, the incremental growth obtained in each room helps our students develop an understanding of responsibility and leadership. These are qualities that can be carried by our graduates into their next educational  levels and into their adult lives.
  •  Students come to understand that learning is a positive activity. They realize that they are at school to learn and that learning is important and  has value to them. They have found that they feel good about themselves when they learn. They are aware of the academic and social growth that results from their efforts.
  •  Our program allows students to discover their strengths and interests;   our students start to develop a sense of their potential in the world!  Several letters from parents of current and former students contain descriptions of this aspect of education at Cascadia; they describe the “blossoming” or “coming out” of their children. Copies of these letters are   available on request.
“Cascadia is a friendly place where the students are happy and comfortable with their teachers and their peers.”