• Teamwork and cooperation can produce great results

  • Getting comfortable with the community

  • Recycling Center in Woodinville - gaining perspective

  • Grades 3 and 4: fundraising project for school construction in Guatemala

  • Grade 4: detailed, constructive feedback from the teacher

  • Grade 2: friends helping friends

  • Fourth grade student helping at a garden where the produce goes to food banks

At Cascadia, perspective is included to help students apply their knowledge.

Attention to perspective starts right away at Cascadia. We provide considerable focus on social skills; our guidance typically develops as follows:

  • Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students focus on the social skills of  being a good friend. To be a good friend, it is important to be kind and polite to others. It is important to use appropriate words to express feelings.
  • First and second grade students grow in the ability to be truly aware of other’s feelings and the impact that one’s behavior choices have on others. Friendship and fairness become more important and valuable. Discussions and guidance takes place on a daily basis and time is given to group games and activities to build a sense of community.
  • Third and fourth grade students grow to a new level of maturity.   The students can understand that learning takes place within the    social environment. Teacher guidance in the form of group discussions, games, and activities helps the students realize the social implications of their choices. A new level of respect and teamwork emerges. Each student can strive to do their best and  contribute to the learning of the entire class. Working within a group provides practice in both leadership and teamwork.

Community service is introduced at the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten age with their participation in our school’s “100th day of school” celebration. All the students in the school bring in canned, non-perishable items to be donated to Hopelink, a local organization that aids low-income and homeless families and the disabled. The celebration is also a math activity for the pre-k and kindergarten students. They arrange the items into groups of ten, they then count the groups to arrive at the quantity of 100 (or more).

The third and fourth grade students have been excited to raise funds from sponsors they recruited to support their “5-K” run. The money was donated to One Day’s Wages, a local organization that helps purchase school supplies for students in a needy country. The students were engaged in research, presentations, and knocking on doors to work on this project. The students ended the run with joyful smiles!

“Cascadia instilled excellent study habits in our daughter, who now always tries to do her best work and never settles for less.  She is very comfortable working on her own without constant supervision and is confident in her ability to do the work and manage her time.  At the same time she Is happy to share her knowledge and to voice her opinion in a respectful manner.”